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Yay for the strong pound

Yay for the strong pound!

$19.95 is about £10.80 in real money at the moment, which is very nice when renewing your LJ paid account.

I have to admit though, looking at this makes me envious of the Americans as far as games go. They're paying $50 (~ £27.10)for Twilight Princess, whereas we're paying £30 (~ $55), and falgship games do go for as high as £40 (~ $75) in the high street (prices checked on Amazon).

Edit: ...although LJ's secure server doesn't look quite right to me (the way the padlock icon vanishes part-way through loading the page does not fill me with confidence), and so I'll hold off on renewing for a while. It looks like they may be pulling an image in from the non-secure site, which is not what you're supposed to do when creating a https page.
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