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Random Ramblings

Well, I'm alone at the computer and I've got some time to kill, so I might as well update this LiveJournal.

Some point in the next week and a half I'm going to have to do some homework. In a couple of months I've got exams for everything, and of course the teachers all give you tons of past papers to do. From Chemistry, I've been given 4 (2 per module - these are AS exams, which are 3 modules and we've done the first one in Physics and Chemistry) past papers to do. In Maths, I have 3 booklets of "Delphis" papers (for S1, M1 and P1 modules), which have about ten sample papers of 6-7 questions in each booklet. And the teachers expect me to do most of them, which is not fun. In Further Maths I've got even more Delphis papers to do (for D1, S2 and P-something). At least in Physics I don't have anything to do, as my teacher is against holiday homework (Yay!)

One of these days I'll get round to finishing off the many programming projects I've got. Let's see... unfinished projects include (these are in the order I thought of them, which is not the order they should be done in!):

  • VB-based LJ client
  • Some little maths-related programs (for probability distributions and route-finding)
  • C++ program analyzer (written in C++ too, so it can analyze itself)
  • Graphing library (designed to cope with up to 500 updates per second, which almost certainly means it will have to be C/C++)
  • Automated web page downloader (which has to have full scheduling capabilities)
  • Database management utility related to that
  • Computer booking system (which has been on hold for the past year but may be revived soon thanks to some new API commands which make things a bit easier)
  • Setting tweaker for XMPlay
  • A couple of taskbar utilities (for power and service management)
  • Lots more... maybe I'll scare you a bit with a dump of my projects directory :)

I've also got a couple of websites to build/manage/keep an eye on, which I'll get round to doing one of these days (maybe I shouldn't spend so much time on the internet or playing computer games). Still, it is the holidays at the moment, and my carefully created time plan has "doing stuff-all" down for this week and "madly doing homework and generally panicking" down for next week, then it's school again. But not for a week and a half!

NB: this isn't a plea for anything, it's just me writing what I feel like because I want to, secure in the knowledge that nobody's going to discover anytime soon just who "BoggyB" really is.

FYI: this took me 25 minutes to write! Kinda shows just how much free time I have over Easter. Roll on Easter Sunday and chocolates!

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