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Video game quiz

Yet another meme. I should probably do a real post at some point. Oh, and photos for the photo meme will be posted soon, so get your suggestions in while you can!

Video game quiz, courtesy of omgimsuchadork

  1. What was the first video game you have ever played?
    I have no idea, so I'm going to guess Spindizzy on an Amstrad CPC6128.

  2. What was your first console?
    A Nintendo 64.

  3. Have you ever visited a video game arcade?
    A few times.

  4. What was your first handheld?
    A yellow Gameboy Pocket.

  5. What was the first game you've beaten/cleared completely?
    Difficult to say. Probably either the original Duke Nukem series, or the shareware episode of Hocus Pocus.

  6. Games based off of real sports: Yay or Nay?
    No, in the common sense of sport. Having said that I do like Monkey Billiards.

  7. Online games: Yay or nay?
    Yay, for certain games. Current one is Armagetron Advanced, though I've also played Unreal Tournament and various incarnations of Half-life.

  8. Do you play any Massively Multiplayer Online RPG games? (MMORPGs?)

  9. Do you play any virtual pet games? (Neopets, Teripets, Aftermathzone, etc.)

  10. Puzzle games and Strategy games: Yay or Nay?

  11. Do you play any RPGs?
    Oddly enough, yes. It's not a genre of game that I used to consider, but I ended up rather enjoying Tales of Symphonia, and am now trundling through Baten Kaitos.

  12. Do you play any Platformer games?
    A few, from time to time.

  13. What was the first game/console/handheld of yours that stopped working?
    None. All the consoles and handhelds here still work fine, and the N64 controllers are even in good condition.

  14. Characters/Plot

  15. Do you actually care if a game has a plot or do you just play games for the gameplay?
    It depends heavily on the game. As an example, while Ikaruga does have a plot, that's not the reason why I play it. Some games simply aren't suitable for having plots beyond "go kill stuff". And of course a plot is pretty pointless for any party game. On the flip side though, it's nice to have some background to things. One of the things I liked about Wipeout64 and Ikaruga, is that there is some background to them, and a (admitdley small) fictional universe to go with them.

  16. Name a few video game characters that are your favorites.
    Very very hard. *thinks* Link, specifically the Ocarina of Time incarnation. Also for some reason the Ganondorf from Wind Waker. Samus, from the Metroid series. Atrus from Myst.

  17. Name a few series that are your favorites
    The Legend of Zelda, Metroid (specifically the 3D versions), and of course the Myst series.

  18. Has a video game ever made you cry?
    Actually cry, no. But I find that it is possible to connect emotionally with the characters in some of the games, and certainly some situations can communicate a very strong feeling of sadness. An example is the ending to Riven.

  19. Has a video game character annoyed you so much that you wanted him removed from the game?
    Oddly enough no.

  20. Do you "pair" or "ship" characters up with one another? (make/create/write romance involving them)

  21. Do you write video game fanfiction?
    Occassionally. I've written a trilogy of ficlets about Ocarina of Time, and there's a couple of random (and rather poor) bits of Unreal Tournament fanfiction. They're within this journal.

  22. Do you draw video game fan art?
    No. I'm not that much of an artist anyway.

  23. Do you come up with theories on how a character came to be/what he or she would do in a situation/why he or she is moody/etc.
    From time to time. It depends a fair bit on the game. Some games all the backstory is there, while with others there really isn't enough plot or backstory to even start. And in some games you are the main character, and so all decisions are for your reasons.

  24. Are you a "fanboy" or "fangirl" of any character?

  25. Boss Battles/Villains

  26. Hardest Boss Battle
    Dark Link, in the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time. This battle is by far the hardest one I've ever come across.

  27. Most Frustrating Boss Battle
    Biohazard, in Sonic Adventure 2. Also several of the guardians in Metroid Prime 2

  28. Most Rewarding Boss Battle
    Ganon, in Ocarina of Time. In some ways this is the most rewarding battle because afterwards all the loose ends of the plot are actually tidied up, and not in a "let's all be happy and live ever after way". It also has a very sad ending to it in some ways.

  29. Funnest Boss Battle
    Second form of Majora's Mask, in the game by the same name. Now I understand why elemnar always referred to it as the "Ballerina of Doom".

  30. Most Boring Boss Battle
    Final battle of Final Fantaay: Crystal Chronicles. If nothing else because it turned into me using the same combo non-stop against it. To be fair, when as a Clavat you can cast Thundarga or Blizzarga faster than most Yukes then it's logical to use it. The game made up for it however with the run-up to the battle, and the graphics are surperb.

  31. Boss Battle that dragged out for a long, long time
    Essence of Metroid Prime. I didn't find out the trick to doing that battle quickly until later. Also Dark Link, and Ganon when you don't have the Big Goron sword.

  32. Boss Battle with the coolest music
    There's an awful lot here. Ganon, in Ocarina of Time has simple but excellent music with drums and choral voices. Vaati's Wrath also has a very good piece of music, made all the more impressive by the fact it's coming from a handheld. Essence of Metroid Prime. The final two battles in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. A couple of pieces in Baten Kaitos. One piece from Jazz Jackrabbit 2. The Biohazard and the final Sonic vs Shadow pieces from Sonic Adventure 2, and also the boss music from Sonic 3D.

  33. Most Surprising Boss Battle
    The final two battles in Tales of Symphonia. Put it this way: the sheer amount of pwnage I was doing to the final boss put *him* in over limit *twice* in each battle.

  34. What's your all time favorite villain?

  35. What's your all time least favorite villain?
    Possibly Andross (specifically the incarnation in Starfox Adventures). There's just no reasoning behind his desire to take over the universe.

  36. Do you ever feel sorry for the villains?
    Sometimes, yes. One is Ganondorf in Wind Waker. I'll echo the thoughts I've seen elsewhere in that he just didn't seem that evil, almost that all he wanted was a nice kingdom of his own to retire in.

  37. Are there any villains that seem like they should be playing for the good guys, but aren't?
    In some ways Ganondorf again. As an example, he set up the various rooms and seals in his castle, yet built all of them in such a way that Link could complete them. All it would have taken to stop Link would be to lock the door from the inside. Or he could have built a Link-squishing device in one of the rooms (by blocking the doors and then making the roof fall down). Yet he was perfectly happy for Link to make his way to the top of the castle, and *then* to try to kill him.
    One theory I've seen is that the various Temples were actually tests, which would explain why they contained logic puzzles.

  38. Most malicious villain
    Majora's Mask. Single-minded destruction of the world, and willing to use anyone and anything to achieve it.

  39. Most surprising villain
    Yggdrasil, in Tales of Symphonia. For a while, I was wondering if the Yggdrasil you meet is the same Lord Yggdrasil that wants to make everyone half-elves.

  40. Um, where's question 38?

  41. Favorites

  42. What's your favorite 3D game?
    Ocarina of Time.

  43. What's your favorite arcade game?
    Do pinball games count?

  44. What's your favorite next-gen game? (Gamecube/PS2/Dreamcast/X-Box)
    Tales of Symphonia. It's got a lot of depth to it. (this one suprises me - as said before, I didn't consider myself to be a RPG gamer).

  45. Sequels/long series: Yay or nay?
    Yay, if done properly. Do sequels to advance the story and provide new worlds/places to explore, not because the original game sold.

  46. What's your favorite Online Game?
    Currently, Armagetron Advanced.

  47. What's your favorite console?
    It's a toss-up between the Gamecube and the N64, with the SNES in third.

  48. What's your favorite handheld?
    Gameboy Advance SP.

  49. Have you ever got yourself involved in a "console war"? (arguing that a console is better than another console)
    Occassionally. I'll recognise that the other consoles are there, and do have there advantages (for example, Microsoft have got the best online play system in their Xbox). That doesn't mean I'm ever going to buy them - all the games I've seen that I want are on Nintendo consoles.

  50. Have you ever defended a character/game/console you liked in an argument? Which one?
    Several times, but I can;t remember specifics.

  51. Name a game that you like but everyone else seems to hate.

  52. Name a character that you like but everyone else seems to hate.
    Navi. And to a lesser extent Omachao from Sonic Adventure 2.

  53. Name a game that you hate but everyone else seems to like.
    F-Zero GX. I can never get my head round the control system. Also most console shooters - it's just not a format that translates well to a console (but this may all change with the Wii).

  54. Name a character that you hate but everyone else seems to love.
    Can't think of one. See #18.

  55. Miscellaneous

  56. Have you ever stopped before you finished a game because it was too frustrating to go on?
    A few times. Usually I'll come back to the game after an extended absence, start again from the beginning, and utterly pwn whatever got in my way.

  57. Will you stop at NOTHING to get 100% in a video game?
    No. I do not need to unlock every last hidden item, find every last secret area, and get every single ending to consider a game complete.

  58. Have you ever injured yourself at a video game?
    If you mean "injured myself while playing a game", then no.

  59. Has a horror/survival genre video game scared you to the point that you refused to finish the game? Did you get nightmares from said game?
    No. And I don't get nightmares from games, but they have made their way into my dreams more than once. I had one rather strange dream about Ocarina of Time, and another in Metroid Prime. It can get very creepy.

  60. Have you ever thrown a controller/disc/cartridge in a fit of frustration?
    Again, no. I get frustated, but I don't take it out on the controllers.

  61. Do you need to blow/clean certain games to get them to play?
    No. I try to keep them in good condition. I'm not anal about making sure games are in cases, but at the same time I take care.

  62. Have you ever played a game for so long that you missed sleep over it?
    Once or twice. Recently I stayed up until 5am to complete Ocarina of Time - you can blame choros for that one.

  63. Were you ever involved in the Pokemon craze?
    I was, for a while. I had Pokémon Blue, and have currently got Pokémon Gold. I also have (I think) five different strategy guides/books that I've collected over the years (two Nintendo Official magazines, the two-part Prima guide, and an unofficial guide which has a few mistakes). I've also got Pokémon Pinball, which is actually rather good. I have a liking for pinball games.

  64. Last but not least: Do you picture yourself playing video games 10, 20, or 30 years from now?
    Yes. As long as I have the time, and it is possible for me to play the games I like, I will continue to play games. Case in point: my sister and I successfully managed to teach our (somewhat old) dad how to play Super Smash Bros Melee, and from time to time he will beat us at it.

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