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Sainsbury's at full blast

Sainsbury's at full blast

      BIP        bip                                                          
           BIP   bip                   "This is a customer announcement       chatter chatter
bip   BIP                 BWHIWIWIWI    the store is very busy at the         chatter chatter
      BIP  BIP            WIWIWIWIWI    moment and we apologise for any       mumble mumble
bip        BEP   bip      WIWIWIWI      delay you are experiencing"           
                                                                              chatter chatter
      BIP  BIP   bip                                                          
bip                                                                           natter natter
bip   BEP        bip                                                          
           BIP   bip      BWHIWIWIWI                                          WAAAAAH! WAAAAAH!
      BIP        bip      WIWIWIWI                                            WAAAAAH! WAAAAAH!
bip        BOP                                                                mumble mumble
      BIP  BIP            BWHIWIWIWI                                          
bip        BIP   bop      WIWI                                                
bip                                    "This is a colleague announcement      mumble mumble
bip        BIP                          could the contract cleaner please     
      BIP        bip                    come to aisle 20 and checkout 13      WAAAAAH! WAAAAAH!
      BUP        bip      BWHIWIWIWI    please thankyou"                      chatter chatter
bip   BIP  BIP            WIWIWIWIWI                                          WAAAAAH! WAAAAAH!
bip              bip      WIWIWIWIWI                                          
      BIP  BIP            WIWIWIWIWI                                          
      BIP        bip      WIWIWI                                              natter natter
           BIP   bip                                                          
bip                                                                           chatter chatter
      BIP                                                                     mumble mumble

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