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The Mission (part 3)

You may want to read the first and second parts of this small saga first to catch up with the plot. And now, without further ado, let us read on...


The first part of the plan worked perfectly. Xan's grunts lived up to their reputation by firing their Redeemer rockets into the hail of high-velocity death that is a minigun running on full auto. Result: two less grunts to contend with, and a pair of Redeemer launchers in mint condition (apart from a few scorch marks). BoggyB quickly ran over before yet more grunts could appear, and picked up the two launchers. One person could have a lot of fun with these...

BoggyB returned to helicopter, where he felt he was safe from Xan's defences. The rest of his team had taken advantage of the lack of defense, and were pouring into the main base. To judge from the echoing booms that resounded from the fortress, he wasn't the only person holding a Redeemer. Time to make use of what he had then.

Ensuring he wasn't going to suicide through stupidity (a rather common occurence in the Tournament, since there are a lot of ways in which to be foolish - single-handedly taking on an enemy stronghold is generally regarded as the most amusing), he switched one launcher into "fly-by-wire" mode and hit the trigger. The rocket erupted from the launcher in a cloud of smoke, and continued on as BoggyB got to grips with the controls. Flying like a drunken fighter pilot, the missle gracefully soared round the corner out of the LZ, completely failed to navigate the next turn, and impacted on the front door.

"Knock-knock!" yelled BoggyB over the widecast channel. He heard a crackled reply of "Who's there?" from inside the fortress. Peeking out round the corner, it appeared that not only was the front door gone, but so was most of the frame, the security camera, and the plasma cannon for use on door-to-door salesmen (their slogan: "We stop at nothing to sell you everything") and other unwanted visitors.

"Have you got the power room open yet?" he asked over the team channel.

"Hold on a mo - for some reason Xan doesn't want us to open that door!" came the reply.

"Really? I can't think why he doesn't want it opened."

"Ha ha ha..." >CLANG< "There you go."

With the front and power room doors open, Xan's defences were all but gone. Now was the time for the undisputed champion of the Tournament to show himself...

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