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The Great Reinstall of 2006 [Saturday 22nd April 2006 at 3:38 pm]

[Tags|, ]
[Feeling |busybusy]

You never realise just how many drivers and updates there are on your computer until you do a full reinstall.

State so far of the Great System Reinstall of 2006:

  • Backed up files I from the system partition that I want to keep
  • Found all my program discs
  • Fail to find floppy with network drivers
  • Extract image of floppy with network drivers to a spare disk, then copy back to a folder somewhere
  • Reformatted the partition
  • Installed Windows 2000
  • Set Win2k to speak English everywhere (as opposed to American)
  • Re-ordered drive letters
  • Install network drivers
  • Tried to install Security Rollup 1
  • Found that SRP1 needs Service Pack 4
  • Found that I'd deleted SP4, thinking it wasn't needed
  • Downloaded and installed SP4. Reboot
  • Installed SRP1. Reboot
  • Downloaded and installed latest nVidia drivers. Reboot
  • 1280x960, show all refresh rates, 85Hz refresh
  • Disable the extra nVidia stuff
  • Attempt to visit Windows Update. Need Internet Explorer 6
  • Download and install IE6 SP1. Reboot
  • Attempt to visit Windows Update. Need some other updates. Reboot
  • Visit Windows Update. Grab all the critical updates, and the root certificates update
  • Have Windows Update fail to install the already installed SRP1. Stupid Windows Update. Reboot

Still to go (in roughly this order):

  • Create my user account
  • Set desktop options
  • Redirect My Documents
  • Set system settings (temp dir, enviroment vars, etc.)
  • Install Norton
  • Update Norton (several reboots)
  • Make Norton behave properly
  • Install Office
  • Update Office
  • Install Lotus Smartsuite
  • Install drivers for HP über-printer-scanner
  • Install drivers for sound cadr
  • Install drivers and utilities for TV tuner
  • Install Visual Studio 6
  • Install MSDN library
  • Install current Platform SDK
  • Install DirectX 7 SDK
  • Install DirectX 8 SDK
  • Install DirectX 9 release
  • Install InterVideo WinDVD, WinCoder and WinProducer
  • Get Outlook Express to speak to 4 different IMAP servers and a pair of NNTP servers
  • Make OE save emails somewhere sensible
  • Recreate backup script. Copy ~20GB of data across
  • Restore Outlook calender
  • Install Bluetooth adapter. Make Bluetooth adapter speak to cellphone. Make Outlook speak to cellphone
  • Install Palm Desktop. Make Palm Desktop speak to Palm
  • Install Semagic. Make Semagic behave
  • Install RSSOwl. Restore settings from backup
  • Install Yahoo messenger. Install MSN messenger
  • Restore custom utilites from backup
  • Install WinVNC and stunnel. Restore certificates and tunnel config from backup
  • Recreate network shares. Reset NTFS permissions on data partition
  • Make Windows appear how I like
  • Install Realone Player. Clobber Realone updater
  • Install Quicktime. Clobber Quicktime updater
  • Install Armagetron. Restore config from backup. Laugh as I cut the other Tron-bikes off while listening to music from XMPlay (ok, maybe not)

And probably much more.

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