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The Mission (part 2)

So, Xan was obviously expecting everyone to play by the "normal" rules (this being the Tournament, the only rule was shoot anyone not on your own team, and even that's only a guideline). These being, amongst others, "Don't cheat by grabbing weapons that don't exist" and "Don't muck around with the standard spawnpoints". In this case, Xan choose to bend the rules a bit by getting hold of some Redeemers, and by dumping fake ammo that jams the weapon.

Hmm... looking at the base, there are really only two ways in or out. You can try the front door (not much use as the only control is on the inside), or you can sneak round the back past the defenders and knock out the counterweights for the side door. The second route is what everyone takes, and, unless Xan's got some *really* good repairmen, that door's wide open. The only problem is getting past the idiots guarding it with Redeemers. It's possible to knock a Redeemer missile out of the air, but only a total fool would try that since you need to be outside the blast radius...

That's it! Get to the back gate, and empty a couple rounds from the Minigun into the fools with Redeemers. Knowing the usual intelligence of Xan's grunts, they will be daft enough to fire a Redeemer into the mess, blowing themselves up and saving you the effort, plus giving you a couple of Redeemers in mint condition. Then, the side door will be unguarded, and I'll have enough firepower to take out anyone in the base itself...

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