Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Name That Song, round 2: And now, for the scores

Cross-posted to boggyb and name_that_song

After over a week, several miles, and two computers, we now have the answers to the previous quiz here (lj:boggyb) and here (lj:name_that_song). A couple of quick notes on the scoring: the albums weren't worth any points. Also, for a couple of songs the name along is worth full marks, mainly because they're traditional ones that have been performed by the world and his dog. Otherwise, the name and the artist are worth half a point each.

Anyway, the results:

In third place, with 2 points, is the gracefulfool

Just ahead in second place with 3 points is elemnar

And the clear winner with 7½ points is the one and only ennuigrrl!

What, only three people took part? Obviously I've not made it hard enough then!

Anyway, there are no prizes other than the satisfaction of knowing that you know more songs than those who know less songs than you know. This is because I'm lazy and no good at doing "I won!" banners :P

And with that, I leave you until the next time I challeng your song-knowing prowness!

Tags: meme, music, name that whatever

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