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'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Name That song, round 2: Warning - playlist on full random [Friday 24th March 2006 at 7:26 pm]

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[Playing |Success ~ Microsoft/Age of Empires]

Cross-posted to boggyb and name_that_song

Not had one for a while, so here's a selection from my playlist. I'll be nice and limit it to just those that actually have lyrics. I'll also give half a point to anyone who only gets part of the answer, or who doesn't get it but does a good job of convincing me ("erm, it's by whats-her-face, y'know, the one that starts with e, it's on the tip of my tounge...") that they're thinking along the right lines. Comments are screened for now, but will be unscreened at the end. Which is approximately next friday.

Lines now closed, folks!

Warning: playlist on full random

I've given the albums where I think they'll help in tracking down the particular version of the song I've got. The albums weren't worth any points. Also, for a couple of songs the name along is worth full marks, mainly because they're traditional ones that have been performed by the world and his dog. Oh, and if anyone knows the name to #6 then please tell me! All I've got is a track number and artist (it came on a sampler CD).

#1: In a Lifetime ~ Clannad
Believe the light in you,
So the light shines in you
Without color, faded and worn,
Torn asunder in the storm

#2: I'm in the Mood for Love ~ Jools Holland
Why stop to think of whether
This little dream might fade
We've put our hearts together
Now we are one, I'm not afraid

#3: Too Tight Drag ~ Ralph McTell
Too tight, it went to my head,
Too tight I should've stayed in bed,
But it was too tight,
This rag o'mine


#4: Where do I Hide ~ Nickelback
I still hear him screaming "where do I hide?"
And he asks and I say "hurry inside"

ennuigrrl, elemnar (½ mark)

#5: You got to Serve Somebody ~ Marianne Faithful
But you're gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed
You're gonna have to serve somebody,
Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord
But you're gonna have to serve somebody

elemnar (½ mark)

#6: Track 2 ~ Phatfish / Don't Stagnate, Rejuvenate (I don't know the name of this one - all there was on the CD was the artist)
We want to see your kingdom coming,
the power and glory,
of heaven forming on earth.
We see the other nations fighting,
And children crying,
But it keeps on getting worse.

#7: Peter and the Wolf: 'Just then' ~ New Philharmonia Orchestra / Children's Classics (name worth full marks)
But Peter, sitting in the tree, said: "Don't shoot! Birdie and I
have already caught the wolf. Now help us take him to the zoo."

ennuigrrl (½ mark), elemnar (½ mark)

#8: Sleepy Time Blues ~ Ralph McTell
It's time for sleeping for the dawn comes creeping
In its early morning shoes
Turn it in and try to forget
You don't really need another cigarette

#9: The Angel Gabriel ~ Cambridge Trinity College Choir / Christmas Carols (again, name worth full marks)
"For know a blessed mother thou shalt be,
All generations laud and honor thee;
Thy son shall be Emmanuel, by seers foretold,
Most highly favored lady." Gloria!

ennuigrrl, gracefulfool

#10: Edwin ~ Steeleye Span
Come all ye wild young people and listen to my song
I will unfold concerning gold that guides so many wrong

#11: Bluegrass ~ Faithless
I ain't a fool
And happiness is attainable
And even on the days when rain will fall
I still plan to love and I always will


#12: Pray ~ Lasgo
I know that I can't turn back time
Just to undo all my mistakes
I'm not gonna cry for the rest of my days
I will do whatever it takes


#13: Wrap my Words Around You ~ Daniel Bedingfield
Should I even let you know
This song's about you girl
Just because I want to see you smile today

ennuigrrl, elemnar

#14: The Hunter ~ Clannad / Legend
Hear a man with a wounded past
While walking on I overheard
He said he was right by being wrong


#15: Book of Days ~ Enya
One step, one fall, one falter,
and a new earth across a wide ocean.
This way became my journey,
this day ends together, far and away.

ennuigrrl, gracefulfool (½ mark)
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[User Picture]From: elemnar
Friday 24th March 2006 at 10:42 pm (UTC)
I can't resist these XD
(I'm not looking at my playlist btw)

1 - Enya

2 - Clannad

3 - Ralph McTell Too Tight Rag

4 - Nickleback Money bought

5 - Serve somebody?

6 - 5 o'clock people?

7 O.o Peter and the wolf? If it is then is the CD here?

9 Darnit, I've played or sung this one but don't know the name or who it's by. ^^; Something to do with rumours of angels?

10 Clannad

13 Wrap my words around you, Daniel Bedingfield?

15 Clannad
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