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So, last week I tried my hand at some deckbuilding for MtG, and made a suprisingly good black/artefact deck, primarily designed to hit with a big, unblockable, untargetable Mephitic Ooze (0/5, +1/+0 for each artefact I control, destroy any creature it touches) equipped with Whispersilk Cloak (equipped creature is untargetable and unblockable).

Version 1.1a of the deck:

Arcbound Crusher3Artefact Creature
Arcbound Hybrid4Artefact Creature
Arcbound Overseer1Artefact Creature
Arcbound Stinger4Artefact Creature
Arcbound Worker4Artefact Creature
Darksteel Citadel4Artefact Land
Dross Golem4Artefact Creature
Echoing Decay4Instant
Mephitic Ooze4Creature
Myr Servitor3Artefact Creature
Vault of Whispers4Artefact Land
Vulshok Morningstar4Equipment
Whispersilk Cloak3Equipment

A Mephitic Ooze equipped with a Whispersilk Cloak is downright evil when I have ~15 artefacts on the table, though I've done the same trick with such things as a Myr Servitor equipped with a pair of Vridian Morningstars and some +1/+1 counters. The Arcbound Crusher also makes for a good alternate win condition.

The deck's also managed a few wins in the past week. One of the more amusing ones was in a 4-way game. Player to my left folded, after getting impressively manascrewed. Player to my right got killed by player opposite, who then played a Platinum Angel. So what do I draw? An Echoing Decay, to match the one already in hand. Two Echoing Decays later, and that 4/4 angel becomes a 0/0 and self-destructs. "Oh," comes the response from across the table. Black is very good at making creatures self-destruct, especially the supposedly indestructible ones. Muwhahaha...

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