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This is the... seventh time in a little over a day that Odysseus (my linux box) has just frozen solid on me. No disk activity, no response to pings, no response to any keys pressed on the keyboard, no blinking underscore on the screen, no nothing. Just frozen solid.

It's not overheating. The heatsink on the Pentium 133 isn't even warm. It's not occuring at a fixed time (I've had between 5min and 2hrs uptime on it before freezing).

It *could* be a combination of saturated CPU and heavyish network traffic taking it down, but I am at a loss as to how that'd do it. It could also be memory, so I'll run memtest86 on it tomorrow, and see if I get anything. I'm rather screwed if it is memory, as this box is around 10 years old.

Anyway, ideas?

It's an IBM Aptiva with a P133, 48MB of ram (across 3 SIMMs), a 20GB and a 80GB disk, generic CD-ROM, ATi Rage Pro PCI graphics card, Netgear 10Mb ISA ethernet and some PC-Line (apparently rebadged Myson) 10/100 PCI ethernet. It's running Slackware 10.1, with the 2.6 kernel (the 2.4 kernel had a seriously b0rked driver for the IDE chipset that panicked if there was only one device on the second ide channel). I'm not afraid to go mucking around with the hardware, or whisper mystic incanctations into the kernel. There is, however, an absence of goats, but I don't have a SCSI chain so I shouldn't need any.

All ideas that don't involve etherkillers welcome.
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