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Guildpact pre-release

Well, today involved a trip to London for the Guildpact pre-release. This, of course, involved dealing with British Rail (aka. Railtrack, National Rail, or whatver it's called this month) and the London Underground. As it happens, all the relevant trains were behaving themseslves today, and we (SWARM) made it to the pre-release without any problems.

Once there, we met up with those mad idiots who had got even earlier trains, and registered for the pre-release tournament. The tournaments were standard constructed (which means we were each given about 90 cards (in this case made up of 3 Guildpact boosters and a Ravnica tournament pack), and then had an hour in which to build a 40-card deck). I managed to open a pair of foil rares, which was nice.

I ended up building a red-green-blue deck, which lost most of the games I played and resulted in me netting last place. Such is life.

Most of the games involved me suffering from a lack of mana in the right colours (that'll teach me to play a tri-colour deck). My first opponent spent most of the time poking me to death with a Courier Hawk, and destroying my Wee Dragonets as soon as they appeared. Things went a bit better with opponent number 2, where I won one of the three matches by virtue of replicating Gigadrowse 3 or 4 times and then slapping him with lots of creatures while his stuff was tapped.

The third round was even more fun: I played one of my Hooligans with no artifacts on the table. "Ah good, it's safe to play this signet now". I then play my other hooligan, and much to his chargin blat the signet. What makes it funnier is that I managed this in the next match against him as well.

All in all, it was a good day out and I've managed to increase my collection of cards, as well as gain a fat pack thanks to signing up for a DCI number. Now all I need to do is to sort out these trades.
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