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Exams, exams and more exams

Been doing exams recently. So far, I've had P2 (maths), PHY1 (physics) and P3 (more maths). I was revising for S2 (statistics), but MathsNet seem to be having some problems. Maybe that was because the Sun Java installer got bored and hung part-way through...

The exams so far have contained both good and bad. PHY1 was a breeze, and should be worth an A. P2 was a bit harder than I expected but I think I did alright in it. However, P3 was really nasty! The P2 exam was lacking somewhat in trig questions - this was because they were all saved up for the P3 paper! The whole further maths group had problems with it, which certainly says something about the paper.

Upcomming exams are S2 (statistics), PHY4 (physics), CHEM4 (chemistry) and M2 (mechanics). They should all be alright.
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