Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Favourite/recommended FTP client?

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Ok, I'm looking for a FTP client to replace WS_FTP (the old version). As much as I like it for being a real FTP client (and not some fancy fully-integrated-coffee-making-wizard), it unfortuantly doesn't support SFTP unless you pay lots of money for the current pro version (and before anyone suggests this, no that's not just FTP tunneled over SSL/H. That would be too easy).

So, what do you use, and what would you recommend as a replacement? I'm happy to try new stuff if it's sufficiently good, but I do rather like the simplicity and It Just Works™ of WS_FTP. Oh, and SFTP support is a must, as is being free (at least for personal/educational).
Tags: ftp, question

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