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Listserver shenigans

So there's an interesting little debate going on on a certain forum I frequent.

The gist of it is that member A was banned from the community-run listservers (the official ones having gone 404 a long time ago) for crashing servers. He was originally banned for one month, but that got extended for various reasons to 2 months. The ban officially expired on 30th November last year (2005).

Members B and C run a listserver each. Member C unbanned member A a while back, as per the original agreement. Member B has not, and has expressed no desire to ever do so. There is possible circumstancial evidence of member A continuing to crash servers, however nothing is currently known for certain (and there is also less circumstancial evidence of it being another member).

Given that, who out of members B and C is taking the correct action?
Tags: internets, question, rant

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