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So life in the house is all fun and games at the moment

So life in the house is all fun and games at the moment.

The cooker is currently playing up, and being somewhat stubborn as regards lighting the oven. It still lights, but it takes it's time to do so. This appears to be due to the jet spreader thing being clogged. So Dan has been despatched to obtain the +5 vorpal oven cleaner of the ancestors, which will hopefully de-clog it. Failing that, a replacement cooker may be in the works.

The washer is still refusing to drain, and so the collective has decided to buy a replacement. Unfortuantly, this requires spending money (not to mention the current debate as to the merits of a washer-dryer, and whether or not it's worth the extra cost). As with all things that require the transfer of virtual coinage, this will probably be delayed for as long as possible.

Oh, and to top it all off, our connection to the world as we know it (via the wonders of several lengths of coax, some bits of high-frequency comms gear, and the all-prevading ntl) has recently taken to large droppage.

Picture, if you will, a run-of-the-mill ntl cable modem on top of a large beige box with wires dangling out of every hole. The modem is our connection to the world as we know it, and the beige box is our firewall and guardian. Now the box, which has a long history of being wilful and denying access to all (including those who should be allowed access) by virtue of hardware failures, is currently performing fine (to the extent where it survived two powercuts without batting an eyelid). On the other hand, the modem will, after a few hours, decide to drop some combination of the upstream and downstream links.

This results in much cursing from the various rooms in the house as our internet connections fail one by one, followed by a march on the server cupboard to wrestle with the modem. So far, giving it a hard powercycle by virtue of a good yank on ye DC input solves ye problem, and the populous is appeased and the militia disbanded. Until, of course, a few hours later, at which point the cursing begins anew.
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