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>click< WHEEEeeeeee.....

>click< WHEEEeeeeee.....

That is the sound a computer in a powercut makes.

At least I was able to finish cooking, thanks to the wonders of gas ovens. And my torch a) had batteries and b) was where I could find it.

About half the street lost power, along with parts of a few connected roads. The report from the electricity company was that a feeder tripped, and basically that a bloke had to wander down to frob it.

None of the computers suffered, which is good. Even Guardian (famed for altitude sickness, amongst other problems) came back up first time. And of course the laptop didn't care one bit, but that's to be expected.

Ah well. There goes my attempt at over a month of up>click< WHEEEeeeeee.....

+++ NO CARRIER +++



>click< vruuuummmmMMMMMM >spang< >spang< BOOP

...and that's the sound a computer makes at the end of a powercut. Now where was I? Ah yes. There goes my attempt at over a month of uptime on my Win2k box.
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