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Name That Song, round 1: Thar lines be closed now!

This 'ere post o' mine be cross-posted to both the journal of the boggyb and the group of scallywags that is name_that_song!

Shiver me timbers mateys, thar contest be over already! There ain't any prizes for takin' part, but I'll be nice and not hang yer all from the yard-arm fer slackin' off work to answer this quize o' mine.

Thar answers be here and 'ere, fer those of ya who want to see t' true answers. And the low-down on points be:

music4asoul be the winner, with 7½ pieces o' eight,
hunter22 and milestogo13 be next with 3½ pieces o' eight each,
fshk sitting in third wit' 3 whole pieces o' eight,
a bunch of yer scallywags in 4th with a pair o' pieces each:kyleholl, princessmargo, hellmutt,
next it be joomer with only 1½ bits o' eight,
and finally a bunch of scurvey dogs in last place, with a measely 12 and a half percent each it be sarah_on_bed, pleaseremove and demonmistress.

Right, now back to work yer lazy scurvey sea dogs before I give yer all a taste o' the cat!

SQUAWK! Pieces of eight.
SQUAWK! Pieces of eight.
SQUAWK! Pieces of nine$#$#@@
System halted: parroty error

This 'ere piratical nonsense be brought to ye courtesy of talk like a pirate day! Avast there!
Tags: meme, music, name that whatever

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