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Apparently Ogg Vorbis doesn't support Windows

So, I thought it might be worth downloading the current 1.1.1 version of oggenc, as apparently it's a lot better. Silly me.

Problem #1: The vorbis people apparently don't believe in up-to-date binaries for win32. Solved by deciding to build from source. I'll just need to download, unzip, and run nmake, right?

Problem #2: While they provide MS Visual C++ projects, they neglect to convert the line endings to windows style. Solved by uploading to a random ftp site in binary, and then downloading in ascii mode.

Problem #3: No, MSVC will not automagically include all the project files in the current directory just by opening a workspace containing an empty project

Problem #4: Apparently I need to download (and presumably compile) libvorbis to make it work. I'll just pick up and compile libogg while I'm at it, shall I?

Problem #5: libvorbis depends on libogg. Specifically, libvorbis depends on the libogg files being in a directory called "ogg" in the include path, or in a directory called "ogg" in one of "..\..\ogg\include;..\include;..\win32\src;..\..\vorbis\lib" where the current directory is "D:\blah\libogg\win32". Solved by removing the "lib" prefix.

Problem #6: vorbis-tools\oggenc\encode.c(176) : error C2143: syntax error : missing ';' before 'type' followed by vorbis-tools\oggenc\encode.c(183) : error C2065: 'bitrate' : undeclared identifier

At this point I decide it's too hard and give up. And don't you dare suggest that I should debug someone else's code that should Just Work.

How on earth do all you Unix/Linux/BSD people cope with building everything from source?
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