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Google Toolbar: they say it's not evil...

Hmm, so it looks like the google toolbar is rather determined to auto-update.

I have just been treated to a button extolling the virtues of using Google Desktop Search. I'd like to state that I already know what GDS is, and if I wanted to use it I'd have already installed it. Since I haven't installed it, it can be concluded that I don't want it. Neither do I want a button to automagically appear advertising it, which I have to click on to get rid of. There's nothing in the options box to remove it, which earns the Google Toolbar a black mark from me. And look, to get rid of it it visits a special URL on the google website. Can we say security hole?

Oh, and look, on the laptop it's upgraded the toolbar. And added a spell check button (when was the last time I wanted to spell check a web page?) and the infamous AutoLink button. I think I want the links and words on web pages I visit to not change to point elsewhere. If I'd wanted either of these features, I would have enabled them myself.

Maybe Google needs to distribute "user" and "techie" versions. The user one would auto-update and display all the shiny new stuff, the techie one would never auto-update and require manual updates, would let you control all the buttons, and would not randomly decide to change everything.

Edit: Grr, you'd think that if the pop-up counter is currently over 500 (there are some very determined sites out there) that I would know what the popup blocker does? I suppose this has something to do witht he fact the upgrade added 3 new buttons that I had disabled before and disabled again within about 5 seconds?
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