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So, I actually managed to watch Dr. Who when it was broadcast, which is good as otherwise it'd have probably been spoiler overload. As a result, this post is going to be very dangerous to read if you haven't seen The Parting of Ways. Which is why it's lj-cut, and there's a nice chunk of empty space as well.

Spoiler! Spoiler! Spoiler!

Right, if you're reading this, then ye be warned of them spoilers.

So, that episode definetely gets a thumbs up, apart from some small issues. Like the plot cop-out with rescuing Rose, the plot cop-out with the Daleks surviving and the plot cop-out with Jack. (hmm, it's now the National Lottery, and apparently electrocuting th audience is now on the cards. Or at least half-assed acting of said electrocution).

Anyway, back to Dr. Who. I think the Anne-droid was a nice touch.
"You are the weakest link. Goodbye"
>Anne-droid death-ray x3<
"You are the weakest link. Goodbye"
>Dalek death-ray<
Daleks 1, Anne-droid 3. No more Anne-droids. Game Over. (spoilsports)

They should make an "Anne-droid vs the Daleks" game.

Oh, and that Dalek with the gas axe was definetely cheating. Bad Dalek!

What else to say... I did find the religious references amusing. The God of Daleks, wanting to create a Dalek heaven by destroying the infidels with fire and Dalek death-rays. Pretty much textbook religion, apart from the whole death-ray thing (traditional methods are carefully aimed lightning strikes).

That's a point actually, if the Daleks did survive, then why didn't the Dalek in Dalek detect them? True, they were hiding, but at the same time they must have some way to give orders and such. Plot hole!

Anyway, I'm boiling here, so I'll end this and wander off somewhere cooler. Today's been hot enough, and tomorrow'll be hotter still. *is melting at laptop*

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