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The highly inaccurate guide to Strictly 2020, Week 2: Results

I've only just managed to get round to watching the results show from last weekend.

Group dance
Welcome to Wild West Strictly, where duels are not fought with revolvers but with smooth dancing. May the outlaw with the best moves win!

One Night by Griff
Okay, how does that work - is the singer wearing stilts, or just standing on a table wile wearing a giant dress? Anyway, nice dancing, and projecting shadow dancers onto the video walls is a neat touch.

Nina and Neil's dance seemed a bit awkward at times, while Katie and Gorka's was much more energetic. And is that a different song for the losing couple's final dance this year?

Bonus quotes!
Tess: "The second couple going to compete in the dance-off is... going to be revealed later in the show" (audience: aww)
Claudia: "It is chaterpillar time"
Anton, having to decide who goes and who stays: "Well this is suddenly no fun anymore is it..."
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