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The highly inaccurate guide to Strictly 2021, Week 2

No group dance this time, so it's straight into the couple dances!

Rhys and Nancy: Cha Cha to Reach Out, I’ll Be There by Human Nature
Welcome to Club Strictly, where VIP seats include a bonus dance with the singer.

Nina and Neil: Tango to Would I Lie To You? By Eurythmics
I reject you and your advances!

Adam and Katya: Quickstep to Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet
The unwritten rule of the Tube: if you make eye contact, you must now dance the quickstep!

Katie and Gorka: Jive to Good 4 U by Olivia Rodrigo
How to resolve the contest for class president: a dance-off! Or you could just trap your opponent in the lockers...

Greg and Karen: Couple’s Choice to If You Could Read My Mind by Ultra Naté, Amber, Jocelyn Enriquez

John and Johannes: Cha Cha to Starstruck by Years & Years
Bringing Club Strictly into space, with the second highest score tonight!

AJ and Kai: Foxtrot to Tears Dry On Their Own by Amy Winehouse
Awwwww. And joint second highest tonight, with a 9!

Judi and Graziano: Samba to Get Busy by Sean Paul

Robert and Dianne: Tango to La Cumparsita by Machiko Ozawa
Very classy.

Rose and Giovanni: Salsa to Cuba by The Gibson Brothers
Wow, that lift and spin!

Sara and Aljaž: Foxtrot to Dream A Little Dream Of Me by Cass Elliot
Budget cuts mean we had to make the boat out of paper, so we'll have to dance all the more (and get the high score with two 9's!).

Dan and Nadiya: Paso Doble to Giant by Calvin Harris and Rag N Boneman
Angry dance-off at the coliseum!

Ugo and Oti: Quickstep to Bring Me Sunshine by The Jive Aces
Extreme flower delivery!

Tilly and Nikita: Charleston to Yes Sir! That’s My Baby by Firehouse Five Plus Two
We had to speed things up to fit the traditional picnic in before it rains again.

Bonus quotes!
Claudia, on Craig awarding a 3: "The headline news is Craig is back"
Anton: "It's very difficult dancing on the Tube, I've tried it"
Shirley: "Well I want to work in your laundrette, that's for sure"
Robert: "I don't know why Angry Tango Man was so angry, perhaps he's waiting for a delivery that didn't turn up..."
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