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New shiny toy!

The Nyx replacement build has been in the planning for a long time. It was originally pencilled in for late 2019, and looking at my notes would have likely been a Ryzen 7 3800X build. It got deferred several times, at first because before I upgrade Nyx I want to put together a Kodi system on my Raspberry Pi (because Microsoft killed off Windows Media Center). Then because AMD announced a slightly shinier Zen 2 processor and I wanted to see if the 3800XT was worth it (reviews suggest not really). Then because I had to sort out the NAS replacement (because Firefox killed off TLS 1.0 support). Then because AMD announced even shinier Zen 3 processors and the entire computing world went bonkers over them.

I had all but settled on buying a lowly Ryzen 5 3600X as a stop-gap solution until Zen 3 was stocked again - and while the Ryzen 7's have been available for a while, what I really wanted was a Ryzen 9 5900X and those had only just started to trickle back onto the market at silly prices (£800? No thanks!). So I was gradually finalising the spec and was probably going to buy a 3600X in the next couple of weeks... then pleaseremove messaged me yesterday morning with news of a surprise stock update at an only slightly silly price. One quick order later, and this appeared today (on a Sunday, no less!)...

Now I just need to order the rest of the parts! My challenge is to build a system that outperforms pleaseremove's new monstrosity in at least one PerformanceTest category (and probably only in one - I reckon disk is the only one I've got a chance at given what's in his system!).

pleaseremove: I need commission... That's two 5900x's I have sold scan this morning
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