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Snap, crackle, pop (again)

[Adam Savage voice] "Well there's your problem!"

So while cooking supper the other day the oven went snap, crackle, and pop, and the magic smoke escaped (quite spectacularly too - it coated the inside of the oven with a thin layer of soot, including over my fish'n'chips). This is what, the 4th failure - no, third, as last time I did a pre-emptive replacement. Three years seems to be about the design lifespan for this oven.

The landlord kindly dropped round a replacement earlier this week and this afternoon I set about replacing it. It's fairly straightforward, just tedious as on this model the element is screwed in from the back so replacing it requires extracting the oven and taking the back panel off - and then discovering that the screws are buried under the insulation and will disappear into the innards if you're not careful (yay magnetic screwdrivers!). But that's now sorted and the oven now works again!

Now I just need to give the inside a good clean...
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