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Advent 2020, Christmas day!

Merry Christmas!

Right, now I've got that out of my system, let's see what was in pocket number 25...

Interesting tea, a final origami sheet (for yet another pinwheel star), two chocolate coins and a caramel chocolate. And while the Lindt calendar finished yesterday, the Thorntons one had one final chocolate in the form of an alpini praline bar! Om nom nom...

Oh, and the snowman is complete!

As is traditional, that is not the end of my Christmas chocolate - each year I buy chocolates to hang on the tree and eat over the 12 days of Christmas 😋

Christmas itself was somewhat scrambled, but after zoom church (wherein our vicar had updated his cracker jokes for 2020 - "What's Dominic Cummings' favourite song? Driving Home For Christmas") I managed to meet up with my sister for lunch (yay support bubbles!). Because neither of us fancied cooking a complete roast we shared a Chinese meal from Sainsburys as our Christmas feast, and afterwards video called our parents while we opened our presents (who'd already opened theirs at 9am!). I got a good haul of presents, including a substantial Lego kit to put together, a Garth Nix book I hadn't realised was out, a magnetic hourglass (thanks Craig!), and a lovely Zelda-themed pin badge my sister found at the delightfully named Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes. All in all, Christmas worked out surprisingly well this year.
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