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Another UT story with a shoddy ending

It was a game on Facing Worlds, an old favourite of BoggyB's, and his team was desparetly lacking. The rooftop snipers had succesfully kept out most attacks, but the blue team kept on comming and a certain Master_Sniper was probably revelling in picking of anyone who was daft enough to atttempt to get the enemy flag.

I had my work cut out here. It seems like the blues had finally deciced to take us by storm, and at 0-2 our team was doing badly. However, an old friend, +Ac][d+Jiles, was doing well in defending the base, and I had just managed to nab the redeemer. Right, now to take care of Mr. Master_Sniper. Snipe this!

The Redeemer missile soared gracefully underneath the lonely asteriod that was Facing Worlds, and arced over the top of the enemy tower, before landing perfectly on what appeared to be a solitary sniping figure.

"You killed Village_Idiot!"

That wasn't planned. I had expected Master_Sniper to be vapourised, and even hoped a little that he would leave the game and sulk. However, it appeared to be a different player, who happened to have about 5 frags for 98 deaths. Time for plan B.

The translocator is a very powerful device, loved and hated by players alike. It is most hated for the infamous anti-sniping trick, which is the bane of snipers everywhere.

I landed on the rooftop, and knew that I only had seconds to act. Fortuantly, +Ac][d+Jiles had picked up a Redeemer, thinking that it might come in handy, and as I was warping across I gave the command for it to be fired.

Master_Sniper was enjoying a little bit of refuge while he got some health and ordered his team around. What he did not expect was the mini-nuclear rocket that flew into the enemy base, stragith for him. Uh-oh...

"M-M-M-MONSTER KILL!" was the message that flashed up on +Ac][d+Jiles' screen, along with the words "You killed Master_Sniper!". With the enemy out of action for a few seconds, now was the time to invade!

The sirens went off as I grabbed the flag and headed back to the roof through the hidden warp. Alien_HQ was waiting for me, having followed me over. "Okay, here goes nothing," I said, as Alien_HQ loaded up six rockets and fired them at my feet.

Master_Sniper had just respawned and looked up in auprise as he heard the boom. He just spotted a distant figure soaring overhead with what looked supiciously like his flag. The red mist rose in front of his eyes as he forgot about all else. Grabbing a Ripper from a fellow teammate he charged across the open ground where so many have met their doom...

I just made it back on to the top of my tower and was about to travel through the warp as I heard the unmistakable sound of a Ripper echo back through. Moments later, a manical laugh echoed through my headset as the sirens went off and our flag was taken. This could be a problem.

Master_Sniper thought of nothing else as the wrath covered him. The bloodstained grinning skull that he wore as a helmet seemed to take on a life of its own as he ran out of the door. Titanium-lined, it was impervious to the sniper fire that came from both rooftops. Sparks crawled over the skull as an anti-matter plasma bubble gently wafted past...


The pure energy beam of the ASMD shock rifle crashed into the plasma, ripping it apart and releasing the cloud of anti-matter and high voltage contained within. Master_Sniper served as a nice earthing point for all that, and the anti-matter anihilated him in a burst of energy that destroyed one of the two bridges that linked the facing bases.

Destroyed a bridge? I looked around in suprise, and realised that some of the blue ASMD energy beams had come from the enemy base. They must have fired at the plasma bubble too, causing it to implode and explode simultaneously with immense power. Anyway... the flag fell away from the asteriod, and was respawned in our base. I rushed down and was just about to touch our flag when...

The timer had been running in the background, and everyone had been oblivious to the final countdown. As the game was ended and the remaining players warped to the holding ground, blue team were still the winners. The reds had been beaten, but this game would go down in history, and the name of BoggyB and the story of how he destroyed the infamous Master_Sniper would live on.

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