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Advent 2020, day 7

Back in 2020, and today (well, yesterday as I'm writing this) the calendar of things contained not quality street but a chocolate penny for a change, along with another thing from the thing that is things. And now I have two pairs of connected jigsaw pieces that don't connect to anything else.

The other calendars contained a Thornton's Viennese Deluxe and a Lindt mini Lindor. Meanwhile the Jacquie Lawson Noridc calendar from my parents had today a mini illustrated book of Nordic Traditions. While in the UK the Christmas tradition is a mince pie for Santa, the Nordic variant is a bowl of porridge to tame the nisse and tomte sprites!

Yesterday evening I also extracted the tree and set about it. It's not complete - I've got a set of chocolates destined for it - but otherwise everything's on it. No lametta this year - some years I use it, others it just seems like too much hassle (especially putting it away afterwards!).

I even found a place for the snowmen from last year's mystery advent calendar!

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