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Advent 2020, day 6

Tucked away in pocket number 6, we have...

The Purple One. Hmm... a whole hazelnut in a caramel filling? Om nom nom. And a "feel new" tea which I've not had before (perhaps that'll head into work tomorrow?), and a puzzle piece which doesn't join up with the others yet. Inside the other calendars there's yet another Lindt napolitain (there's only seven of those in it and I've found five so far!), and a Thorntons salted caramel, also with hazelnut filling.

But wait, there's more! Apparently my advent calendar was missing some pieces, so I met up with my sister today - actually, we then drove all the way to Goring Gap for a socially distanced meetup and present exchange with our parents, and I now have yet another advent calendar thing but that's for another blog post. Once back at my flat I carefully opened the bag and found these:

Curiouser and curiouser! Well, it's the 6th so I can open the first few, and I unfolded packet 1 to find...

Origami! 🤣 I've still got the origami sheets from 2018 somewhere - I was very tempted to dig them out anyway as this feels like a year for ALL THE ADVENT CALENDARS - but now I don't have to as I've got new ones to look forward to. So instead I unearthed the pad of origami paper and set about puzzling through the instructions for day 1, and eventually folded together this:

I've also opened days 3 and 6 to discover more origami - those I'm saving for another day!
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