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Advent 2020, day 1

So, NaBloPoMo was something of a fail this year - I only managed 23 posts, which is probably the fewest of any years. For that matter I've been light on blogging for the entire year - this year is likely to have the second fewest posts of any year of this blog, which is saying something when you consider the year with the fewest posts total was the first year of this blog (first post: 11th April 2003!).

Which is a shame, as I've got plenty of things I'd like to have blogged. One would have thought with the cancelling of everything this year there'd have been more time for blogging but it all seems to have disappeared.

Anyway... as it's advent, I'll make another vague attempt at posting advent calendar stuff each day. The irony is that while last year I only got to day 20 and the year before fell apart at day 6, I actually have daily photos for all of advent in 2018 and 2019. Maybe I'll dig them out and fill in the gaps in past daily blogs?

But before that, advent 2020! I've got three four five advent calendars (a Lindt one I bought myself, a surprise Thorntons one from the parents, a mystery one from my sister, the Lego Star Wars one from many years ago, and a Jacquie Lawson Nordic e-calendar also from the parents), and I'm putting together a set of advent tea lights inspired by the ones my mum gave me one year.

According to my sister, her one to me contains "tea, not tea, and a thing which is things".

I'm both intrigued and slightly concerned about the "thing which is things" after the Roomba Glitter Stars Incident, but she assures me that "I have things that I decided not to include because they would be too messy". Except she then said "But if you want a mess..." (to which the only possible reply is this gif).

My one to her, on the other hand, contains tea, not-tea, not-not-tea, and potentially not-not-not-tea (is a tea tea if it does not contain tea? My sister says "...nope, too confusing").

But enough of that! In its pocketses today was... a blue quality street chocolate (coconut?), to go with the Lindt reindeer and a Thorntons Viennese Deluxe. Om nom nom...
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