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The highly inaccurate guide to Strictly 2020, Week 6: Results!

Group dance
It's the trailer for the next Tron film! And this time there's no master computer program to overthrow, just an endless disco to challenge unsuspecting players.

Interlude 1: Michael and Jowita (The Greatest Dancer 2020 winners) she spinning while holding onto just his tie? How‽

Interlude 2: Gary Barlow
Here's how we dance in town, and there's how we dance in Brazil.

I did not expect to see Jamie and Karen ending up in the dance-off this week - their tango yesterday was impressive. Clara and Aljaž being in the bottom two wasn't a surprise, though no-one can say they didn't give it their all in the dance-off.

Bonus quote!
Craig, on awarding a ten yesterday: "I don't know what I was on darling"
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