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Dominic Cummings has left the building

Today's surprise news is Dominic Cummings has left Number 10. And by "left", it appears the correct term is "booted out".

The news this morning was full of rumours that he'd be resigning at the end of the year, but it was all presented in a "oh, and Cummings might resign in December. And now, the weather" style almost as though it wasn't even newsworthy. As the day went on he disappeared from the news... only to reappear in front of Number 10, carrying the classic cardboard box containing the contents of a cleared-out desk.

This does have a bit of a feel of waiting for the other shoe to drop, after the amount of political capital that was spent propping him up in the wake of Cummingsgate back in May. Perhaps there will be more politics hilarity over the weekend?
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