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The Ballad of Mad Cap'n Tom

Randomly bouncing around Youtube a while back I stumbled upon the Ballad of Map Cap'n Tom...

Watching it was a mix of hilarious and oddly nostalgic. Hilarious, because ultimately it's a cautionary tale of how an attempt to stand as a comedy candidate can go horribly right. Nostalgic... because it's exactly the sort of thing I could see SWARM (or indeed my housemates) doing, back when I was at university.

What we did do however was less silly but more effective. Under choros' leadership (as then President of SWARM), SWARM turned up to the 2006 AGM. These are notorious for lack of attendance and a continual struggle to maintain quorum during the meeting - so by being organised and acting as a group, we um... accidentally formed one of the larger voting blocs at the meeting. I don't think anyone quite expected that to happen.

Most telling was when we decided that everything worthwhile had been debated and SWARM left, that effectively ended the meeting as they never did regain quorum. Oops?
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