Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Family meetup!

Today, my sister and I met our parents for the first time since February? March? Something like that - I think we very nearly did a mother's day meetup back in March but decided against as it was all becoming too tricky, and then lockdown happened and everything was cancelled. And now lockdown 2 is imminent and everything is being cancelled again. Ironically today's outing wasn't actually a reaction to that, but something we'd agreed a week ago.

But anyway - we made our separate ways to Goring-by-Sea and met up at the beach there on a sunny but very windy afternoon - the kitesurfers and windsurfers were out in force enjoying the wind and the waves! We just contented ourselves with enjoying the sun, and decided that it was too windy to stroll along the seafront and so headed inland instead, just nattering and munching on biscuits our mum had made. All in all, a lovely afternoon out and moment of calm in the current chaos.

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