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It's November, which means it's time for anther month of semi-coherent ramblings!

Ironically, despite the current Covid insanity today was much like this time last year: a surprise games evening. Except because of Covid it was online (via the excellent Board Game Arena site) instead of in-person.

Myself, elemnar and a mutual friend played two games this evening. First up was Solo, which is much the same as Uno or Crazy Eights with one slight twist: you can play matching cards out-of-turn. So it's probably just as well that we were playing this online rather than with actual cards - they wouldn't last long around elemnar and I (we mangled several decks playing Spit back in the day)! The variant on BGA has four rounds, and somehow I won all of them.

Next up we returned to our old favourite of Stone Age which plays very well on BGA - this evening, we just played the base set and it ended up being very close run through most of the game. The twist in Stone Age however is a lot of points aren't counted until the very end of the game... and I managed to pull off my second victory of the evening by getting all the meeples and about 5x worth of multipliers on that (without that 50 points it'd have been very close indeed).
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