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Raspberry Pi adventures!

Yes, I'm trying to get yet another embedded Linux system to behave.

As part of the pile of computer upgrades (that's a blog post in its own), I need a replacement for Windows Media Center. So the thinking is to stick a TV Hat on a Raspberry Pi, stuff it somewhere behind the TV, and install Kodi on it. Simple, right? For a distro I'm starting with OSMC which started life as a Pi-specific media center.

A slight wrinkle is ideally I want to connect the Pi over WiFi, but I have a Pi 2 and so will need a USB WiFi adapter. Documentation on just what's supported is scarce - the general consensus seems to be that 802.11n adapters will likely work, and nobody will admit to anything about 802.11ac. I want to use 802.11ac partially for the extra bandwidth (not that it's all that significant, given the USB 2.0 connection I'll be using) but mainly for future-proofing and better integration with the pile of network upgrades that's also coming along.

I got the first part of the puzzle (the TV Hat) nearly two months ago... and then never got round to the rest of the setup. Um. Anyway, yesterday a few more pieces of the puzzle arrived (I'm sure I've got another USB WiFi adapter and a HDMI cable somewhere, but whatever), and so it was time to see if it will blend work!

And the answer is: yes!

Well, mostly. The Pi's not entirely happy with the maybe 4.75V the front USB ports on my computer spit out under load (SpeedFan reports a system voltage of 4.99V, so someday I'll have to take a look at the internal wiring) but consented to boot and install OSMC. The wireless keyboard/touchpad (a Logitech K400+) Just Worked as well, but networking was another matter and the OSMC installer didn't detect the WiFi adapter (a TP-Link Archer T2 Nano). Not to matter - as I'm at Nyx, I just bridged its WiFi and ethernet together and connected the Pi to Nyx via ethernet. That was enough to get the Pi on my network and to download updates.
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