Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Brighton again

It's been too long since I was last in Brighton - probably last time I was here was for Christmas shopping last year. Unusually it's actually sunny! Most years it's been very wet and windy, but today it was merely windy (and less so than past years).

Really I'm here for Christmas shopping (the Lanes and the North Laines are usually excellent for unusual gifts), but I can't visit Brighton without heading to the beach. Oh, I live on the coast these days, but Brighton beach is different (for starters, Fareham doesn't have a beach!).

The photography club has been busy.

Elvis invites you to have fish'n'chips (I didn't - instead I grabbed a Cornish pasty at the station. Somehow, a pasty in my hand has become my traditional Brighton fare).

As well as taking West Pier photos every time I visit Brighton, I also end up taking photos of the sea...

The front fell off.

Happy Chanukah!

One of the things I love about Brighton is the random artwork everywhere.

"How puzzling all these changes are! I'm never sure what I'm going to be, from one minute to another"

"Yeah, tea!"

"I believe in Angels... I've seen them"

Found in a chocolate shop.

Unusually I didn't end up doubling back (much... the Lanes is a complete maze and the additional of walled-in seating around the fountain in the middle somehow completely scrambled my mental map - I think it's because you can't see across anymore, and so I lost track of which corner I was at). As the sun set I made my way back to the station through the North Laines under the Christmas lights.

"Please excuse my depression, it has a mind of its own"

Brighton, unsurprisingly, has Opinions about the election we've just had...

The BBC Political Stew

Or as an alternative: Vote Bob!

I didn't stay for Burning the Clocks - it was starting to rain, and I didn't fancy hanging around in the cold and wet waiting for it. Perhaps another year!
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