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Pasta night!

After skipping last week due to a PCC meeting, it's pasta night again! With all four of us who could make it tonight (such is the ebb and flow of pasta night).

Since there were only a few of us, we dug out some games with smaller player limits and settled on Dominion. It was a strange game - in the random card selection were hardly any +1 Action cards and only one +2 Action (the Village card), so very little happened in each turn. But at the same time two of the action cards affected all players (Spy, Thief) and so there was still a fair bit of activity.

I bounced around a few possibilities before settling on a game plan of buying Silver to buy Gold, and then using the Remodel to turn a Gold card into a Province. It worked... but not as effectively as I'd have liked - I should have started on that sooner, and converted more Silvers into Duchies. Beth managed the win mainly through buying lots of Duchies.

Driving back, Bury Hill provided amusement again - this time not one but two cars thought they could climb the hill faster than me. Which they did on the straights (only because I was holding to 50mph), but not round the corners (which again, I take at 50mph because the Alfa can)!
Tags: board games, driving, pasta night

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