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Link's Awakening

It is said that you cannot leave the island unless you wake the Wind Fish...

Because I'm don't have enough different games I'm trying to blog about...

Many years ago elemnar tracked down a copy of Link's Awakening DX, and I started playing it, but for whatever reason never actually completed it. More recently it's been remade for the Switch and predictably I pre-ordered it (/me waves Zelda fanboy flag). And having completed Astral Chain (which I also meant to blog about), I've been trundling through Link's Awakening.

The art style for this edition is absolutely beautiful. The entire game world looks and feels like Link is wandering around a miniature diorama of Koholint Island, and it all works. In a way it reminds me a little of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island - that was another game with a completely unexpected style and yet one that was so appropriate. Playing this was oddly nostalgic.

Anyway, with shield in hand it was time to go and find my sword. This is a slightly unusual starting set of items - I'm used to either starting with neither (in an environment where a sword and shield isn't needed), or getting both very early on in the game. But the shield is useful, especially as I can use to to push enemies out of the way!

You found your sword! It must be yours because it has your name engraved on it!
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