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Sunday games

After Messy Church elemnar and I got together with a couple of church friends for pizza, cake, and board games!

First up was Ankh-Morpork, a favourite of ours partially because of the Discworld theme and partially because of just how bonkers it is (after all, what other board game has a dragon landing on the board as a random event?). Sharon very nearly managed a sneaky win as a Lord in it - the only thing that spoilt it was her being new to the rules and so having to check with us if she'd met the win condition, at which point elemnar and I predictably spent the next turn bumping off her minions. I've found it's not actually all that hard to setup a win in Ankh-Morpork, but holding on to it is where the challenge is as you only win if you meet your win condition at the start of your turn. Anyway, ultimately elemnar pulled out a surprise win as Dragon, King of Arms!

Afterwards I dug out the Super Mario Bros power-up card game and we played several rounds of that. It's a nice quick game to play and easy to pick up the rules for. The win condition on that is last-person-standing, and somehow Other Sharon won one round without losing a single life token!
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