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Batten down the hatches

This time I got two phone calls back-to-back from the Environment Agency's autodialler: a flood alert for Fareham to Portchester, and a flood warning for Fareham specifically. The gist of it from their emails is:

Sunday afternoon's tide at 12:30 on 29/09/2019 is higher than normal due to unsettled weather with strong South Westerly Force 7 winds and large waves. The weather increases tide table values by 0.3 m (surge). The forecast tide is 5.38 metres Chart Datum (2.65 mAOD) at Portsmouth. For 1 hour either side of high water, the tide will exceed the top of the slipway at Lower Quay, flooding a small number of properties. The road, at Wallington Shore Road, will also flood. Until Tuesday (01/10/2019)‚ tides are high enough to cause minor impacts at each high water. The largest impacts will occur on this tide.

Probably not quite enough for me to have a moat, but it'll be close...
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