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Computer woes

Computer hard drive: *snicker-snack! snicker-snack! snicker-snack!*
boggyb: eh?
Computer hard drive: I AM ERROR

Well that's most annoying. The data drive in Nyx has failed (which is unusual for me, normally it's the backup drive that goes). I had some inkling of it earlier today but thought no, it'll last long enough for me to order a replacement - but it apparently took offence to a RAM upgrade I did this evening and is now sulking and refusing to talk to anything.

Fortunately my data is backed up - this is far from my first time picking up the pieces of a broken computer and I should be out maybe a day's worth of changes. Unfortunately that drive was also home to a fair amount of other stuff not backed up due to size. It's all replaceable, just annoying to have to go through and find again...
Tags: computers, fail, nyx

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