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The dragon that ate the moon (partial lunar eclipse)

-"What will be, if I ate the moon from the sky?"-the young dragon asked.-"It looks so delightful!"
Dragon that ate the moon, AlviaAlcedo on deviantArt

I'm sure there's ancient mythology explaining eclipses as dragons eating the moon...

This time round, I dug out a cheap phone tripod adapter and an actual tripod to use it with. Getting the monocular lined up is still tricky, not to mention trying to focus it, but I think it worked

Greatest eclipse!

There was another faint point near the moon tonight - only the brightest stars and objects are visible from my flat thanks to a street lamp outside. Fortunately Home Planet has an artificial horizon!

Again decoding the symbols, is Jupiter off to the side and is Pluto (which is far too faint to be visible), so it must be which is the symbol for Saturn.
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