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Back in the present after the previous backdated posts

Glancing out the window earlier tonight, I spotted a bright dot next to the moon (at about the 5 o'clock position)...

Hmm, I wonder what that is? Let's fire up Home Planet and take a look:

And ♃ is the symbol for Jupiter! It's bright enough not only to be visible by the naked eye, but also by my phone's camera. I wonder if I can do any better? I've got a 10x20 monocular kicking around somewhere - what if I hold that over the camera lens?

Moderate success. Trying to centre it over the camera is tricky, and motion blur is a problem with night photos. I'm not sure the monocular's focus is set right for the phone's autofocus either. But it beats the digital zoom and pulled out a bit more detail of the moon:

Tags: moon, night, sky

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