Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Spontaneous Cornwall holiday, day 0

I've yet to finish posting the last two Cornwall trips, but this one deserves uploading before I forget to. There was more spontaneousness than usual for myself and pleaseremove.

Time for another weekend trip to visit pleaseremove! The first day was taken up with train fail and little else, hence day 0. The train fail was an unexpected diversion via Bristol Temple Meads, due to my train from Westbury being cancelled (in fairness due to a fire alarm at Westbury signalling centre, so better than the usual excuse from British Rail). Since my train from Fareham was also delayed I missed a change at Bristol and didn't get into Plymouth until the evening. On the plus side, yay delay repay! Now I just need to convince GWR that I was delayed by an hour, not 15 minutes.

At Bristol, someone's going to be travelling in style...

Strange-looking mosaic of Brunel hidden in the depths of the station

One advantage of taking the train is the view along Dawlish Sea Wall

Romantic ruin or historic folly?

At Plymouth station, a silent soldier in remembrance of WW1.

Tags: cornwall, holiday, train

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