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Training swag!

At work we're thinking of using C++ on an upcoming embedded project (historically our embedded stuff has been in C). As it happened while we were discussing this a colleague found a heavily-discounted training day on Embedded C++, so a few of us went along to it.

The course itself was a mix of going over existing (for me) ground like object-orientated programming (though for one of our devs that was all new to him) combined with interesting new tidbits (I hadn't realised just how much was in the C++ standard library for functional programming). It looks like the course was pitched as a taster session with the aim of getting attendees to come along to a full 5-day course. Overall I think I wasn't quite the target audience, though I still found it useful.

More importantly though is the training swag that we all got...

There's the usual mix of marketing bumpf and cheap pens, along with printouts and a USB stick of the course material, and a bag of gummy bears. But the real prize here is the dev board (a Renesas TB-S1JA) - we all got given one to use for the course and to keep!

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