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Please Remove Your Feet

This one's from a couple of days ago, while pleaseremove was trying to lock down a new Mattermost server...

boggyb: Wait, what? My team's gone!
pleaseremove: Muwhahahaha
boggyb: Of course, you know how this will all end
pleaseremove: Heh... with a message that says "sod it, you're all banned!"

This then sent both of us off on a nostalgia trip... "sod it, you're all banned!" is from the original Please Remove Your Feet forum that pleaseremove and I ran for a few friends way, way back in 6th form. It didn't last long - the quote is the very final post, after pleaseremove permanently ended the mod wars, and we thought the forum had been lost to the mists of time.

Except I did a bit of searching, and found an archive I'd taken...

It's not going back online - the actual posts are best left back in 2004 where they belong. But it was a wonderful moment of nostalgia to see it briefly resurrected.

As to why it was called "Please Remove Your Feet"? Well that's a question best asked of pleaseremove...
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