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Election propaganda: 2019 local elections

It's local election time for some here in Blighty, which means it's time for another collection of Party Political Broadcasts for me to snark at! This is a bit late as I forgot about them because the local council isn't up for election.

The BBC's making them increasingly awkward to find but I think I've managed to track them down by puzzling through the iPlayer filters - at the time of posting they're listed in the middle of this page. At least the BBC actually understand that "A-Z" is a useful sort order! Anyway, on with the nonsense...

This time I started with the Conservatives... and predictably it's all about how terrible Labour and the Lib Dems are at running local councils and how awesome Tory councils are at building ALL THE THINGS. With a bonus cameo from the Maybot telling everyone how clear the choice is.

Labour are using a charity donation advert to point out that austerity isn't over, and only Labour has the courage to fix things by spending money. Oh, and Labour will build ALL THE THINGS as well (with a notable lack of Corbyn).

The Liberal Democrats are no longer the 3rd biggest at Parliament (they're what, 4th or 5th these days), and so start by taking the opportunity to reminisce about their glory days before getting sidetracked with Brexit. Eventually they realise that the MEP elections aren't for another month.

UKIP only have a regional clip this time, for Northern Ireland of all places. They use a management presentation to rant about NI politics and say how they'll make everything a priority.

The Greens, unusually, have a serious broadcast about changing ALL THE THINGS. Hopefully.

Nothing from Plaid Cymru or the SNP, and it's probably too soon to expect anything from Change UK (the new Lib Dems?) or The Brexit Party (Nigel Farage's comeback tour).

It's an unusual pile of clips. Local elections are always different here - it's much more about local issues and much less about central government, and historically parties beyond the main two (Labour/Tory) do a lot better in local elections. It's common for a local council to end up with no overall control and no-one really has a problem with it (unlike the coalition government of 2010 which confused everyone). Even so, there were surprises - Lib Dems have gone all-in on stopping Brexit, while the Greens actually pointed that they were taking things seriously for a change. Labour and the Tories didn't disappoint though with their traditional mutual blaming of each other for everything.

Well the polls closed half an hour ago and with it only being local elections there's no posses of students frantically counting votes to be first to declare, so it'll be tomorrow before we get any idea how the votes have swung. It could make for an interesting preview of the upcoming MEP elections...
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