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Nintendo Labo VR

My latest silly toy: Nintendo Labo VR! Surprisingly good, given that it's basically Google Cardboard with a not-particularly-high DPI display (6.2" 1280x720 display giving 237dpi - for comparison my Sony Xperia XZ1 has a 5.2" 1920x1080 display giving 424dpi). I think it works because of rather than in spite of the low resolution - because the pixels are visible, it's not trying to be ultra-realistic and so doesn't fall into uncanny valley territory.

That said, it's really disconcerting watching a first-person VR video of someone eating sushi.

Actually buying it was full of hilarious fail - I pre-ordered it direct from Nintendo just in time to get it on launch day (so I thought) but then the tracking code got stuck on "Sender preparing item". So I messaged a few days after the estimated delivery date and they quickly responded first saying it was delayed, then saying that it was lost in transit and they'd refund me. The refund arrived... and then the tracking code updated as Royal Mail finally received the parcel. It eventually turned up and there was a bit of back-and-forth between myself and Nintendo support to work out how to actually pay for it ("it's arrived", "we're sorry to hear that it was damaged", "it's undamaged, but arrived after you refunded me", "ah. Erm. Have you got a PayPal account we can bill?").
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