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While on the topic of gaming, St John's Fareham held a pancakes and board games evening on Shrove Tuesday. elemnar came along as well and we joined a group playing Zombicide (wherein you try to escape from a zombie-infested city while not getting eaten by zombies - so basically, Shaun of the Dead). We had the weirdest luck with zombie spawns - on the very first turn I drew the abomination spawn card (high-strength zombie, hard to kill) and so we spent a chunk of the game carefully avoiding it. For the scenario we picked we had to collect three food items, get the green key, use it to open a door to the blue key, and then escape. Of course the blue key and the exit were at opposite corners of the map.

Over the game we put together a very silly strategy: elemnar proved very good at rolling well on the hit dice and mowed down zombies with a pair of sawn-off shotguns, which caused all the other zombies to head towards her (the game mechanics are that the zombies head towards the most noise).

We took advantage of that, and her character ended up aggro'ing the zombies by emptying the shotguns in an empty room (our record was 6 noise counters). This did then result in her being chased by the entire zombie hoard...

...while another group snuck round the back to retrieve the blue key. We then all made our way towards the exit, leaving all the zombies (and I do mean all - we ran out of zombie figures!) to congregate in the middle of the board as we leapfrogged through already-cleared buildings to reach the exit. Somehow we all survived!

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